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Discover EKU is a digital library made available and created by the Eastern Kentucky University Special Collections and Archives. This site and library will explore the history of EKU, through a variety of diverse collections and items that are collected, owned, and preserved by the university and libraries. The hope of this digital library is that it will increase access and usability of the items in the collections for its users. The items available come from a variety of sources around the university, state, and elsewhere making it a wonderful asset to the EKU community. We hope that the students and users of this site find it enjoyable and informative. We would also love any comments, suggestions, or feedback in the contact us section. If you would like to know more about EKU Special Collections and Archives, we welcome you to visit the homepage at http://archives.eku.edu/.

Enjoy exploring and discovering EKU!

Collectors for the Project:

Jackie Couture

Digital Archives

Specialist at EKU, UK Library Science

Graduate Student

Email: jackie.couture@eku.edu

Daniel Weddington

EKU Library Associate, UK Library Science Graduate Student

Email: daniel.weddington@eku.edu

Samantha Jeffers

UK Library Science Graduate Student

Email: samantha.jeffers@uky.edu

Jennifer Oberhausen

UK Library Science Graduate Student

Email: jennifer.oberhausen@uky.edu