Jennie Graff Crabbe

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Jennie Graff Crabbe


First Lady


Wife of John Grant Crabbe

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Delaware, Ohio

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Author- Arbor Day 1909, Arbor Day 1910


Jennie Graff Crabbe was born a first generation American to German parents in Delaware OH in 1864. Not much is known about Mrs. Crabbe’s personal life, but that she married John Grant Crabbe at the age of 25 in 1889. According to an article in the Eastern Progress after her death in 1931, two of her church friends Mrs. A. J. Suit, and Mrs. G.D. Smith said that John and Jennie were inseparable and very much devoted to one other. The couple had common interests and supported each other in all that they did. The Crabbe’s were very active in the First Methodist Church influencing their education skills into Sunday morning school classrooms. Jennie herself was entrusted with adolescent girls that she entertained once a week in her home. When President Crabbe was superintendent of Kentucky schools she participated and wrote a book about Arbor Day. Jennie created a textbook that teachers could use around Kentucky with guides, activities, and songs to sing about the very first Arbor Day that was celebrated in 1909.
The Crabbe’s left Eastern in 1916 to pursue other interests at the Teachers College in Greeley Colorado. Tragically not long after President Crabbe’s death Jennie was struck and killed by an automobile in from of her home in Greeley Colorado.



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